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Child Life is a holistic program that helps children and their families cope with hospitalization and illness through play, humour and fun.

Hospitalization can have profound effects on a child's self-image and esteem. Each year, the Child Life Program at Children’s Hospital helps more than 14,000 patients and their families to effectively cope in so many ways.

This team of highly trained health care professionals help children:

  • Express difficult emotions safely and effectively during their hospital journey
  • Learn about the elements of their care in meaningful and age appropriate ways, taking fear out of medical procedures
  • Access safe and comforting spaces where kids can just be kids and parents can see their child smile again
  • Connect with specialized medical professionals and programs that will alleviate their emotional, psychological and physical suffering.

How You Can Help

Your donations bridge the gap between what government funding supports and what is needed to provide the best care possible for kids across our region. All proceeds from Magical Winter Ball help support the Child Life Program at Children's Hospital!

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