Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When should I start fundraising?

A: Start now! You don’t have to wait until the official event dates to begin. Give yourself a head start and ask your friends, family and co-workers today!

Q: How do I get a t-shirt?

Once you reach your $25 milestone, you’re eligible to receive an event t-shirt. It will be mailed to the address you provided when you registered for the event.

Q: Do I have to live in London to participate?

A: Definitely not! Children’s Hospital has patients from all across Western Ontario, therefore, we can have participants from there too. The nice thing about virtual events is that you can participate from anywhere!

Q: Do I have to participate during September 1-30?

A: We are encouraging all participants to run, walk or cycle during September because it is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month!

Q: What if I over or under-achieve my goal?

A: That’s okay! It isn’t crucial that you commute the exact distance you challenged yourself too. Please do whatever works best for you.

Q: Can my workplace get involved?

A: Absolutely! This is the perfect health and wellness opportunity for companies to get involved with. Create a team that your employees can join, or reach out to Juliana Pierotti at 519-432-8062 x9186 or email at if your workplace is interested in donating to Children’s Health Foundation directly.

Q: How do I use Strava?

A: Strava is a free app that allows you to track your run, walk or biking distance traveled. Create an account and join our team. You can use it to connect with other individuals commuting for childhood cancer.

Q: Do I need to use Strava to participate in the event?

A: Although it’s a great way to connect with other participants, you don’t need to use the app. Please feel free to track your kilometres with whatever app or tool you normally use.