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Progress: 82%
Progress: 82%
Raised: $ 4090     Goal: $ 5000

A just 9 weeks old, Andie was rushed to the Pediatric Critical Care Unit for her very first blood transfusion as her hemoglobin was 22 (normal is 130-140). It was a miracle she was alive; three weeks later, Andie was diagnosed with Diamond Blackfan Anemia (or DBA which is a rare inherited bone marrow failure syndrome, characterized by an inability to produce red blood cells). There is no cure, Andie will require blood transfusions every 3 weeks for the rest of her life. She has currently had over 185 transfusions.

Andie’s Fight for a Cure Charity Golf Tournament started on a cold, rainy September morning in 2011. Since that time, we have continued to grow and develop the tournament to the point where in nine years, we have successfully raised $335,000. July 2020 was set to be our 10th Anniversary Celebration.

COVID-19 has changed our world dramatically and it has also had an impact on our tournament. Because of the circumstances we have found ourselves in, we have postponed our 10th Anniversary Celebration to July 2021. However, we were not going to let this virus stop us from our mission to raise money for our local children’s hematology department.

But what and how? Andie wanted a fundraiser she could be very involved in; that is when we came up with Andie’s 5K Run for a Cure. While Andie has not run a full 5K yet, she is training hard when her blood is high enough to train. She will be running 5K and will be inviting other children (ages 16 and under) to join her!

This year, we are partnering up with a local singer/song writer and friend Darren Powers as he releases his first album; False Bravado. Darren has been singing for nearly 20 years but has only recently started writing his own songs as the music and lyrics seemed to just start flowing through him which has become part of his long journey of healing. Darren’s mission is to inspire positive change, in himself and those around him. Darren saw a post on Andie and felt a connection, their journey’s are very different but they both strive to make a positive impact despite negative circumstances in their lives. Darren will be donating $5 from each item sold for his False Bravado hats, hoodies, shirts and album, email for more details and stay tuned for some fall concerts with all proceeds to Andie’s Fight. Visit for more information on Darren, his journey and his music.

How can you help? We are looking for sponsors! For $100, you can sponsor one of the 100 meters that Andie will be running. Let’s see if we can fill up the entire 5K!

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